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15 Dec 2023: Will Europe stop sitting on defence?

14 Dec 2023: Our First Defence Investment and Why We Chose Levato

14 DEC 2023: US Defense Tech Start-Ups Are Being Shut Out of Europe's Defense Market

07 Dec 2023: European Dynamism and defense

07 Dec 2023: Italy’s veto on French deal shows EU defence consolidation is a distant dream

05 Dec 2023: When Missions Fail: lessons in ‘high technology’ from post-war Britain [PDF]

07 Nov 2023: Israel signs landmark deal to sell David’s Sling air defense system to Finland

25 Oct 2023: The Nordics and Baltics Need a Strategy for Defence Technologies

24 OCt 2023: New frontiers in defense tech

18 Oct 2023: Why we believe in defense

22 sept 2023: Budget Drones Prove Their Value in a Billion-Dollar War

20 Sept 2023: Cost of UK’s new fleet of armed drones jumps 40%

19 Sept 2023: ARX Landsysteme raises €1.15M pre-seed round led by project a

18 Sept 2023: Former GCHQ chief joins security investment group Gallos as chair

17 Sept 2023: Thales chief on the lookout for acquisitions

14 SEPT 2023: Defense AI startup Helsing breaks the record for European AI, raising a $223M Series B

02 aug 2023: A Quick Rollup of YTD 2023 VC Investment

01 AUg 2023: DefTech and Dual Use: Whats the Difference?

29 july 2023: We really should think about spending more on defense

26 July 2023: Ukraine tech sector goes to war

18 July 2023: Defence Command Paper 2023

12 July 2023: AWS European Defence Accelerator

06 july 2023: A new era of high-tech war has begun

20 June 2023: Europe’s Real Test Is Yet to Come

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